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Prof. Dr. Gerhard von der Emde

Institute of Zoology

Neuroethology - Sensory Ecology

Poppelsdorfer Schloss

Meckenheimer Allee 169
53115 Bonn Germany

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Sprechstunde/Office hours:

Dienstags/Tuesday 10:15 - 11:000 Uhr

Raum 2.030; Poppelsdorfer Schloss

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We study how animals behave, orient and communicate in their natural habitats. How do the brain and the sensory organs respond to natural stimuli from the environment and consequently elicit appropriate natural behaviours?

Our major natural model systems are weakly electric fishes from Africa (Mormyriforms) and South America (Gymnotiforms), which posses an electric sense. We are investigating environmental imaging through active and passive electrolocation, as well as electro-communication.

Research Topics:

1  Behavioural experiments elucidating multi-sensory perception

Object recognition

Multisensory perception and integration

Foraging and prey recognition

Electric imaging

Film clip on Active Electrolocation from a television broadcast ("Kopfball", 1.3.2009, in German)

2.png  Electrophysiology and Neuroanatomy

Processing of mulit-sensory information

Electromotor production


3.png  Electro-Communication

Communication and information transfer

Collective behaviour

Group cohesion

Mixed societies of fish and robots

4.png   Technical Sensors: Bionics

Remote sensors for object analysis

'Electric camera'

catheter based coronary sensors    (Film clip on Bionics from a television broadcast ("W wie Wissen", 28.12.2008, in German)