Animal-Plant Interactions

© Antonia Mayr

Welcome to the AG Mayr!

We are a new, international research group in the department of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology at the Bonn Institute of Organismic Biology (BIOB) investigating the impacts of global change on insect communities. We are interested in the structuring mechanisms of biodiversity (abiotic and biotic factors) with a focus on insects, mainly wild bees and other hymenopterans. For this purpose, we are exploring how insect communities change along environmental gradients (climate and land use gradients), by looking at different levels of diversity, i.e. on the level of species, traits (morphological, chemical and behavioural traits) and interactions (plant-pollinator, host-parasitoid, bee-microbiome interactions), in the field and in the lab.

If you want to join our team and are interested in a Bachelor or Master thesis, please get in touch!


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