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Biomimetics in Bonn

Using nature as a model for technology.

For over 20 years now, it has almost been a tradition among biologists in Bonn to take the inspiration and the results derived from studying natural systems and apply both to a wide range of technical applications. This has led to several biologically inspired inventions and innovative biomimetic prototypes. Because of the growing importance of biomimetics as a “motor of innovation”, researchers from various institutes of the University of Bonn interested and working in biomemetics collectively present their work on the websites indicated below. The bionic scientists of Bonn are members of the Biomimetic Competence Network BIOKON II.

 Biomimetic Homepage (German only):

 Bionmimetics Centre Bonn

To implement joint and interdisciplinary research and to develop the field of biomimetics the Bionikzentrum Bonn (BZBonn) was founded. The combined research strength is centered around the following topics:

        1.    Sensory systems

2.    Boundary layers

3.    Biological materials science

4.    Modelling

The common theme of the Bionikzentrum Bonn (BZBonn) is to study biological systems with the purpose to utilise the results for technical applications. Bionmimetics as a scientific discipline is concerned with the technical transformation and the application of structures, processes and developmental principles found in biological systems (VDI Technologiezentrum, 1993). 

Further information about the Bionikzentrum Bonn (BZBonn) (German only) can be found here:



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